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JSI Tip 2258. How can I save a Device Manager report to a file?

If you right-click on My Computer, press Manage, Press Device Manager / View / Print, you get a nice report of your hardware resources.

To save this report to a file:

1. Start / Settings / Printers / Add Printer / Next .

2. Select Local Printer and clear the Automatically detect and install ... check box.

3. Click Next and select LPT1. Press Next.

4. Select Generic in the Manufacturers: box and Generic / Text Only in Printers:.

5. Press Next and complete the dialogue.

Now that you have a Generic / Text Only printer:

1. Right-click on My Computer, press Manage, Press Device Manager / View / Print.

2. Select the Generic / Text Only printer.

3. Check the Print to file box.

4. Check the Report type that you want.

5. Press the Print button.

6. Enter the fully qualified Output File Name and press OK.

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