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JSI Tip 2254. Logging your application installs in Windows 2000.

You can force the Windows Installer to assist in troubleshooting by logging your application installs.

To active this feature, Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


On the Edit menu, Add Key name Installer, leaving Class empty. Select the Installer key. On the Edit menu, Add Value name Logging, as a type REG_SZ. Set the data value to as many options as you wish, in any order. The options that MSI version 1.1 understands are:

        i - Status messages
        w - Non-fatal warnings
        e - All error messages
        a - Start up of actions
        r - Action-specific records
        u - User requests
        c - Initial UI parameters
        m - Out-of-memory or fatal exit information
        o - Out-of-disk-space messages
        p - Terminal properties
        v - Verbose output
        + - Append to existing file
        ! - Flush each line to the log
The log file will use a random name, in the following format:


NOTE: When you use Add/Remove Programs, a new log is generated. These logs obviously consume disk space, and the logging process takes resources.

NOTE: You can install 3rd party software using the Microsoft Installer Package (MSI). The Windows 2000 CD has a limited edition of WinINSTALL at Valueadd\3rdparty\Mgmt\Winstle\Swiadmle.msi. You can get detail instructions on its' use at

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