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JSI Tip 2204. What are the Windows 2000 IPCONFIG command line switches?

The syntax for the use of the IPCONGIG program in Windows 2000 is:

ipconfig \[/? | /all | /release \[adapter\] | /renew \[adapter\] | /flushdns | /registerdns | /displaydns\]


/?             Displays help.

/all           Displays the full configuration information.

/release       Releases the IP address for the specified adapter.

/renew         Renews the IP address for the specified adapter.

/flushdns      Purges the DNS resolver cache.

/registerdns   Refreshes all DHCP leases and re-register DNS names.

/displaydns    Displays the contents of the DNS resolver cache.
The DNS related switches are new for Windows 2000.
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