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JSI Tip 2191. Bind device interrupts to a particular processor in Windows 2000.

In a multi-processor Windows 2000 computer, if you properly bind devices to processors, you can improve performance, by more effectively using the processor's cache.

You can download the IntFiltr tool, which makes use of the Windows 2000 Plug and Play features. IntFiltr presnets an administrator with a GUI that permits this binding.

Windows 2000 normally directs interupts to the first available processor. The interrupt is serviced by the processor with the lowest interrupt request priority. IntFiltr allows you to tailor this behavior for your environment.

The tool should NOT be used on devices that do not support Plug and Play, that does NOT support an interrupt affinity masks, and that DO share interrupts.

After downloading the file, unzip it. Be sure to read the Readme.txt and HowWorks.txt files.

You will have to experiment to determine the best configuration for your particular computer and work load.

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