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JSI Tip 2163. Convert hangs when trying to Convert an IDE drive to NTFS?

In Windows 2000, when you try to convert an IDE drive from FAT/FAT32 to NTFS, Convert may hang after a status message similar to:

        The type of file system is FAT.
        Determining disk space required for file system conversion.
        Total disk space: 1951866 KB.
        Free Space on Volume: 1625152 KB.
        Space required for conversion 11120 KB. 
Assuming that there is nothing wrong with you cabling, IDE controller, or disk drive, you may have run into a Convert bug. This only happens if there are no open handles on the drive, otherwise, the conversion would be handled by Autoconv.exe, during the next reboot.

To work around this problem:

1. Close the open CMD window.

2. Open a new CMD session.

3. Change to the drive that you wish to convert. This opens a handle on the drive.

4. Perform your conversion.

5. Do NOT close the open handle.

6. Respond Y to schedule the conversion for the next reboot.

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