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JSI Tip 2157. NT disk configuration information is too large to fit on a floppy disk and cannot be saved?

When you try to implement tip 2119, you receive the subject message at step 03, below:

01. As an Administrator in Windows NT, open Disk Administrator.

02. Insert a formated floppy in drive A:.

03. On the Partition menu, press Configuration and Save.

To work around this problem:

01. Run RDISK /S- from the Windows NT 4.0 install.

02. At a CMD prompt, change to the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder.

03. Type: expand system._ system

04. Use Regedt32 to select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key.

05. On the Registry menu, Load Hive.

06. Navigate to the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder and click the System file that you expanded in step 03.

07. When prompted, enter JSI for a Key Name.

08. Select the JSI key and delete all the ControlSet### keys and subkeys, ignoring the Access Denied message(s).

09. Select the JSI key.

10. On the Registry menu, Save Key and name it JSISYS.

11. On the Registry menu, Unload Hive.

12. Exit Regedt32.

13. Copy the JSISYS file to a floppy disk and then rename it, on the floppy, to System.

14. Resume tip 2119 at step 04.

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