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JSI Tip 2147. Windows 2000 Startup/Shutdown, Logon/Logoff scripts?



Using Windows Scripting Host, you can write Logon/Logoff and Startup/Shutdown scripts, in Windows 2000.

From the Windows 2000 Help:

Using Group Policy

Group Policy is the administrator's primary tool for defining and controlling how programs, network resources, and the operating system behave for users and computers in an organization.

In an Active Directory environment, Group Policy is applied to users or computers on the basis of their membership in sites, domains, or organizational units.

Administrators can manage the Group Policy components listed in the table below.

Component Description

Administrative Templates - Sets registry-based policy
Security Settings - Configures security for domains, computers, and users
Software Installation - Assigns or publishes programs to users who should have them
Scripts - Specifies scripts for user logon/logoff and computer startup/shutdown
Folder Redirection - Places special folders, such as My Documents, on the network

You must be an administrator to add Group Policy to a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and to use Group Policy in a saved console.

To run the snap-in:

Start / Run / gpedit.msc


From the Windows 2000 Help:

In the Group Policy console, under Local Computer Policy/Computer
Configuration/Windows Settings, click on Scripts (Startup/Shutdown).

NOTE: If you write or find any good, general scripts, [email protected] and I will post them here.


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