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JSI Tip 2144. 'Windows 2000: An Early Security Perspective'.

Volume 2, Issue 4, in the Newsletter Archive of the TISC Insight Newsletter, dated Feb 25, 2000, has an article entitled:

Windows 2000: An Early Security Perspective, co-authored by
James Michael Stewart, MCSE, LANWrights, Inc. and Ed Tittel, LANWrights, Inc.

Here is what they have to say about this site:

"Windows NT / 2000 Tips, Tricks, Registry Hacks and more is a Web site with uncountable jewels of information relating to all aspects of Windows NT and Windows 2000. There are some security items here, but the other tips, tricks, hacks, and helps are beyond value."

Microsoft is a bit terser, simply listing this site under section "V. - Technical Questions and Answers / Non-Microsoft Sources of Frequently Asked Questions, in the official Windows NT / Windows 2000 Newsgroup Document, which their Webmasters keep loosing, so I posted it here.

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