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JSI Tip 2119. I am dual booting Winnt and Win2000 and Win2000 can't see my stripe sets or volume sets?

When you install Windows 2000, setup reads the Windows NT set information and transfers this information to Windows 2000. This only happens during setup.

If you have a new set, you must manually transfer the information to Windows 2000, so it can read your Windows NT sets:

01. As an Administrator in Windows NT, open Disk Administrator.

02. Insert a formated floppy in drive A:.

03. On the Partition menu, press Configuration and Save.

04. Eject the diskette.

05. Shutdown and start Windows 2000. Logon as an Administrator.

06. Insert the diskette.

07. Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management.

08. Expand Storage and open Disk Management.

09. Press Action / Restore Basic Disk Configuration.

10. Remove the diskette from drive A:.

11. Shutdown and restart Windows 2000.

NOTE: You may have to shutdown and restart a second time, to gain access to the Windows NT sets.

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