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JSI Tip 2044. How to select the proper HAL during Windows 2000 setup?

You shouldn't need to do this unless:

1. Your computer vendor provided you with a custom HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer).

2. Windows 2000 setup didn't recognize your hardware.

When setup starts, you will see:

Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware.

Press the F5 key.

Select the proper HAL from the list:

ACPI Multiprocessor PC 
ACPI Uniprocessor PC 
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC 
Compaq SystemPro Multiprocessor or 100% Compatible 
MPS Uniprocessor PC 
MPS Multiprocessor PC 
Standard PC 
Standard PC with C-Step i486 
If you have a custom HAL, select Other.

Continue the installation.

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