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JSI Tip 2041. The specified service has disabled in your hardware profile, error 1058?

If you receive:

From Control Panel / Services:

Could not start the <Service Name> service on \\<Computer Name>.
Error 1058: The specified service is disabled and cannot be started.


System error 1058 has occurred.
The specified service is disabled and cannot be started.

then the service has be disabled in your current (or only) hardware profile.

Windows NT 4.0:

1. Control Panel / Services.

2. Scroll the list of services and highlight the one you are trying to start.

3. Press HW Profiles and select your current profile.

4. Press Enable.

5. Click OK.

6. You can configure Start Up and/or Start the service.

Windows 2000:

1. Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Conputer Management.

2. Expand Services and Applications.

3. Press Services.

4. Double-click the service that you want to enable.

5. Set the Startup type.

6. Press the Start button.

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