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JSI Tip 2009. 'Error -536870389' while installing a SCSI or RAID driver?

If you receive:

Error occurred getting driver list from inf file. Error=-536870389 when installing the subject drivers in Windows NT, your Plug and Play service is not started.

To configure the Plug and Play service:

1. Control Panel / Services / Plug and Play.

2. If it is not present:

        a. Insert the Windows NT CD-ROM.

        b. Navigate to <CD-ROM:>\drvlib\pnpisa\x86

        c. Right click the Pnpisa.inf and choose Install.

        d. Click No if your are prompted to restart.

        e. Reapply your latest Service Pack.

        f. Restart when prompted.

3. If it is present, configure Start UP as Automatic.

4. Start the Plug and Play Service.

5. Install the driver.

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