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JSI Tip 2002. The ERD will not restore a Windows 2000 registry.

In windows NT, an ERD (Emergency Repair Disk), can be used to repair (reset) the registry. See tip 0272 and tip 0505.

In Windows 2000, the Inspect registry files is not available during a repair process.

In knowledge Base article Q216337, Microsoft explains that the Windows 2000 registry is too large to fit on one disk.

Microsoft further asserts that to backup the registry, you must do a full system backup, including the system state.

I have spent the better part of last week, trying to disprove that statement. So far, it appears that they are correct.

I am still trying to recover from an innocent registry hack on my workstation. I will probably have to do a clean install. Strangely, my server seems to have become infected from the workstation hack, an may also have to be rebuilt.

I strongly urge you to take frequent full backups.

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