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JSI Tip 1989. Before you run a repair when you have Fault Tolerant partitions.

When you create or modify a Fault Tolerant set in Disk Administrator, you must:

1. Run Partition / Configuration / Save.

2. Update your ERD by running RDISK /S.

If you don't update the ERD, and subsequently run a repair of the System hive, you will reset the the Disk subkey and destroy the Fault Tolerant information.

NOTE The information from step 1 can be used to restore Fault Tolerant information.

The Disk subkey contains the number of partitions on each disk, the disk signature, the type of Fault Tolerant volume that the partition is a member of, the state (healthy), and additional information depending on the Fault Tolerant type.

While it may be possible to recover the Fault Tolerant set using tip 1713, it is much easier to be prepared.

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