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JSI Tip 1979. How do I view the SBS Client Add Pack usage history?

The SBS Client Add Pack usage history is written to the diskette in DMF (Distribution Media Format) encoding, and can only to read by the setup program.

The Setup program can be made to display the information by using the -v switch.

When you type Setup -v at a command prompt, you receive the following information:

 Value   D e s c r i p t i o n 
 Signature   Diskette serial number. 
 Use   Times used. 
 Concurrent   Hexidecimal number of licenses that can be added. 
 Previous   Number of license on server prior to use, or 0 if this is the first use. 
 MAC   Server NIC MAC (Media Access Control), or 0 if never used. 
 Current   Number of license currently on the server. 
 MAC   Current server MAC. See Q233509. 

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