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JSI Tip 1954. How do I install Windows NT (or Win2K) using a Dvorak keyboard?

During the text-mode portion of setup, the only mapping that is used is from a US-101 keyboard. Everything you type on a Dvorak keyboard is gibbersh to the setup program. Once the GUI portion of setup starts, the Dvorak mapping is recognized.

During text-mode setup, the following processes require input:

1. On the first screen, you are prompted to enter a R to repair (or recover).

2. You must enter a S to specify additional devices.

3. If converting to NTFS, you must enter a C.

4. If you wish to change the default folder for a 2nd install.

5. If you need to manage the partitions.

To workaround these issues, use the following translation table:

US-101 Dvorak  

  A      A 
  B      X 
  C      J 
  D      E 
  E      > and . 
  F      U 
  G      I 
  H      D 
  I      C 
  J      H 
  K      T 
  L      N 
  M      M 
  N      B 
  O      R 
  P      L 
  Q      " and ' 
  R      P 
  S      O 
  T      Y 
  U      G 
  V      K 

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