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JSI Tip 1942. Limited time freeware - Y2K audit tool.

NT OBJECTives, Inc. has subsequently become defunct.

"NT OBJECTives, Inc. announces the free
release of our audit tool, VisualLast, in a non-profit effort to help
with expected Y2K attacks and problems over the weekend.

Starting 12/30/99 9am to 1/14/2000 midnight, a complete version of
VisualLast will be freely available to all who need to be watching
the logs over the weekend.

VisualLast is an automated audit tool that scans/filters/sorts NT
security logs for the purpose of identifying unauthorized network
logins. VisualLast can scan an unlimited amount of NT hosts and
create a consolidated, sorted view of login/logout activity.

The version available does not expire, nor will it be limited. . . . ."

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