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JSI Tip 1940. How do I use different modem initialization strings for each of my ISPs?

NOTE: Gary subsequently wrote:

Drat! The tip is in error. You should probably remove it.

The process works for Win9X, but not for WinNT where you need to install modems into RAS
 before you can create DUN entries using them. RAS only allows you to install one modem per COM port.

 -- Gary Maltzen
The following procedure was developed by Gary Maltzen, a fellow Compuserve WinNT forum Sysop:
Install two copies of your modem on the same port.

For example, my modem control panel lists a "Zoom VFX v.32bis" on COM2.

To install the second copy, I...

 A) click on the \[Add\] button
 B) select "\[x\] Don't detect my modem"
 C) click on the \[Next\] button
 D) under Manufacturers select "Zoom Telephonics, Inc."
 E) under Models select "Zoom VFX v.32bis"
 F) click on the \[Next\] button
 G) select "(*) Selected ports"
 H) select "COM2"
 I) click on the \[Next\] button
 J) click on the \[Yes\] button ("Do you still want to...")
 K) click on the \[Finish\] button

Now I have two modems listed

  Zoom VFX v.32bis    -on- COM2
  Zoom VFX v.32bis #2 -on- COM2

Now I can

 1) select the second entry ("Zoom VFX v.32bis #2")
 2) click on the \[Properties\] button
 3) click on the "Connection" tab
 4) click on the \[Advanced\] button
 5) enter "AT\B26\N10%P1^M" under "Extra Settings"
    (note the leading "AT" and the trailing "^M")
 6) click on the \[OK\] button
 7) click on the \[OK\] button
 8) use the second "Zoom VFX v.32bis #2" modem definition
    for my alternate DUN connection

Remember to perform steps 1-8 for the original modem,
entering "AT\N2" in the "Extra Settings" box.

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