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JSI Tip 1901. X-Setup freeware is a tuning and tweaking tool.

" X-Setup is not yet another Windows Hacker; it's the ultimate tool for black belt system tuning and tweaking. From simple boot options up to server settings and hardware settings, X-Setup allows you to change more than 400 (!!) hidden functions with some simple button clicks.

This makes Xteq X-Setup the most complete hacker ever available. Because this settings change often and fast, X-Setup uses plug-ins - they are very small so updating them is easy too. Although it offer lots of features, X-Setup is extremely easy to use. It has an Explorer-like look and the famous back and next buttons you already know from your Internet browser. Plus, X-Setup offers wizards that assist you when changing the configuration - there has never been an easier way to hack your Windows!

For network administrator X-Setup can be a huge help. Simply turn recording on, change the settings you want and it generates a REG file on the fly that can be deployed to thousands of computers without installing X-Setup. With the also available X-Setup SDK you can even create your own plug-ins or wizards and use them in X-Setup."

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