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JSI Tip 1877. Computer Policy won't let you configure Slow Network Timeout properly?

When you try to enter a number greater than 20,000 in the Slow Network Connection Timeout, you are unable to do so?

If you edit Winnt.adm to set the correct range of 0-120,000, the Poledit interface goes crazy, displaying negative numbers.

The problem can occur by having the maximum entry for Slow Network Connection Timeout, in %SystemRoot%\Inf\Winnt.adm, set incorrectly to 20,000.

NOTE: Poledit only uses 16bits (65,535) for minimum and maximum values in it's numeric interface.

Don't use Poledit. Edit the SlowLinkTimeOut directly, using tip 0237.

This problem exists in all Service Packs todate, SP1 - SP6a.

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