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JSI Tip 1869. Event ID 178 while Synchronizing Exchange and MS Mail?

If you receive:

Event ID: 178
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Category: X400 Service

An error occurred while transferring in message because the directory name could not be expanded to an O/R address. An X.400 API Association (XAPIA) unable-to-transfer reason code and unrecognized-OR-name diagnostic code were returned. \[MTA SUBMIT 17 73\] (14)

while synchronizing Exchange and MS Mail, the Directory Synchronization object does not have a valid X.400 address.

To fix the problem, use the Exchange Server Administrator program to select the Exchange Server container. Double-click the Directory Synchronization object, and click the E-mail Addresses tab. Enter a valid X.400 address.

You may want to view the following Knowledge Base articles:

Q96060   - PC DirSync: Directory Synchronization (Dir-Sync).

Q147464 - XFOR: Manual Dirsync with Exchange Server as Dirsync Server.

Q148309 - XFOR: Manual Dir-Sync with Exchange as Dir-Sync Requestor.

Q155104 - Event ID 178 Results if Mailbox has No X.400 Address.

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