JSI Tip 1863. SBS Value-Added Upgrade (VUP) can't find files on CD-ROM 2?.

If you receive: Please insert Disk #2, repeatedly, during your SBS 4.5 VUP, from SBS 4.0x, even though CD-ROM 2 is mounted, I have an 8 step workaround:

1. Carefully place CD-ROM 2, silk-screened label up, on a non-abrasive surface.

2. Remove the cap of a Magic Marker, or similar permanent marker.

3. Carefully write a 3 on the silk-screened label.

4. Place CD-ROM 3 on a non-abrasive surface, silk-screened label up.

5. Using the instrument from step 2, write a 2 on the silk-screened label.

6. Replace the cap on the permanent marker.

7. Place the newly labeled CD-ROM 2 in the CD-ROM drive.

8. Continue the upgrade.

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