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JSI Tip 1720. Disk Administrator is unable to lock drive for exclusive use?

If you receive The drive cannot be locked for exclusive use in Disk Administrator, while trying to remove a partition, stripe set or mirror set, you still have a file open:

A paging file is on the volume.
A program that was started from the volume is still running.
A program that is running has loaded a .dll file from the volume.
A program has a file open on the volume.
A program's current folder is on the volume.
A Service has a lock on the volume.

To get excluse access, perform the steps lists below, checking after each step. Stop once you succeed:

1. Stop all programs and close all files. When you eventually restart, insure no programs start, as they may load a DLL.

2. Stop all non-essential services. See tip 1081 for a list of essential services. Configure their Start up as Manual

3. If you use MS Mail, Schedule+ or Outlook, start these apps and choose the Exit and Loggoff/Sign out option.

4. Use Task Manager to inspect the Processes tab for programs to stop, such as Outlook.exe.

5. If you run an SMS client, use Kill.exe (Psstools folder) or PVIEWER to stop APPCTL32 and PCMWIN32.

6. If there is a page file on the partition, create one of RAM +12 on another volume and remove this one. Restart the computer

7. If your logon script contains an SMS batch file, remove it and logoff/logon.

8. In Disk Administrator, select the volume and click Tools / Assign Drive Letter. Click Do not assign a drive letter and press OK. Commit Changes Now on the Partition Menu. Restart the computer.

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