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JSI Tip 1715. WFW WINS Client refreshes its name every 16 minutes.

If you have Windows for Workgroups using the Microsoft TCP/IP-32 protocol, the client refreshes its names with the WINS server every 16 minutes.

NOTE: An NT client initially refreshes and 1/8 and then 1/2 the WINS Renewal Interval.

To adjust the refresh interval on a WFW WINS client:

1. Open System.ini.

2. Locate the \[NBT\] section.

3. Add a line:


    where X is the refresh interval in milliseconds. the minimun setting is
    InitialRefreshT.O.=960000 and the maximum setting is
    InitialRefreshT.O.=4294967295 (which is approximately 50 days.

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