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JSI Tip 1713. Recover Fault Tolerant Sets.

If you loose your FT sets, because you used an old ERD or reinstalled, you should use the diskette created by Disk Administrator / Partition / Configuration / Save to do a Partition / Configuration / Restore.

If you don't have this backup, and don't have a tape backup, you may be able to use FTedit.exe to recover.

Disk Administrator creates data about your hard drives and FT sets at:


The information about each drive consists of the 32bit disk key, the start sector of the partition, length, drive letter, and wether it is a member of a FT set.

For each FT set, the type (mirror, stripe, volume set, etc.), number of members, and a pointer to the location in each partition is stored.

Only Disk Administrator can create this information, but FTedit.exe can manipulate it.

See Q131658 Use FTedit.EXE to Recover Lost Fault Tolerant Disk Configuration.

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