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JSI Tip 1708. Autodisconnect with Prxy 2.0 Auto Dial.

In this environment, you need to edit your RAS/RRAS phone book entry.

Use NOTEPAD to edit %SystemRoot%\System32\Ras\Rasphone.pbk. Find the entry used by the Proxy Auto Dial. Locate the IdleDisconnectSeconds entry in that section and set it to the number of seconds of line inactivity you desire, before it disconnects. If the OverridePref entry is present, set it to 4, if not present, DO NOT ADD IT. Save the file.

NOTE: You do NOT need to reboot or restart any services.

You should disable the WINS client bindings for the dial-up adapter you use to Auto Dial with Proxy.

If you require NetBIOS on this adapter and don't disable the bindings, you will need to:


You will need to set Control Panel / Services / Computer Browser / Startup / Disabled.

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