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JSI Tip 1679. W9x client receives: Request is not accepted by the network.

If a Windows 9x client receives: Request is not accepted by the network when logging onto the network, you probably have an event 202 on the server, indicating that your license limit has been exceeded.

If you are licensed Per Server, you may want to change to Per Seat, or add more licenses to your Per Server configuration.

Use Control Panel / Licensing to effect the change.

To add more licenses to Per Server:

Click NT Server in the Product list and press Add Licenses. In the Concurrent Connections box, indicate the number of additional licenses you purchased and click OK.

Select the I Agree check box after you have read the license agreement and click OK.

NOTE: If license manager is screwed up, see tip 0127.

To change to Per Seat:

In the Client Licensing Mode box, press Per Seat. Click No in the License Violation box.

NOTE: You are legally permitted to convert from a Per Server to a Per Seat configuration once at no additional cost. This is a one-time, one-way conversion option. It is not necessary for you to notify Microsoft if you elect to make this change. However, you are not legally permitted to change the licensing option from Per Seat to Per Server.


Per Server Licensing: The number of client access licenses purchased is applied to a specific computer running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0. There is no restriction on who may use the server; the restriction is only on the number of clients that have simultaneous use of the server.

Per Seat Licensing: A client access license is purchased for each computer that obtains access to a server product. If you need to add an additional server for your licensed clients, you need to purchase a server license rather than more client licenses.

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