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JSI Tip 1669. SBS 4.5 supports moving shared folders.

Unlike previous versions of SBS, version 4.5 supports moving shared folders.

The new Move A Folder Wizard is found on the Manage Shared Folders page, after clicking Tasks from the SBS console.

The ClientApps, Users, and FaxStore folders do not appear on the list.
To move these folders, click Online Guide / Shared Folders / Managing Shared Folders and then click Move ClientApps, Users, and FaxStore Shared Folders. Select the share you wish to move and follow the wizard's directions.

If you move the FaxStore, you must reconfigure the Fax Service for the new location:

Control Panel / Fax Server / Receive / Save in folder and type the full path to the new location. Click OK.

To move these manually, in the Run dialog, type:

%SystemDrive%\smallbusiness\mvfldr.exe /s <folder>

where <folder> is ClientApps, Users, or FaxStore.

NOTE: For SBS versions prior to 4.5, see Q180409 - Moving Shared Folders on SBS Can Cause Errors.

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