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JSI Tip 1628. How do I move DHCP to another server?

To move DHCP to another Windows NT server, perform the following on the source computer:

01. Control Panel / Services / DHCP / Stop.

02. Control Panel / Services / DHCP / Start Up / Disable.

03. Copy %SystemRoot%\system32\Dhcp to <Temp folder>\System32\Dhcp on the destination server.

04. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


05. On the Registry menu, click Save Key and save it as JSI to the destination computer.

06. To remove DHCP from the source computer, Control Panel / Network / Protocol / DHCP / Remove.

07. After the restart, remove the %SystemRoot%\System32\Dhcp folder.

On the destination server, perform the following:

01. Install DHCP.

02. Apply your latest Service Pack.

03. Control Panel / Services / DHCP / Stop.

04. Copy <Temp folder>\System32\Dhcp (from step 03 on source computer) to %SystemRoot%\system32.

05. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


06. On the Registry menu, click Restore and select JSI (saved in step 05 on source computer).

07. When prompted, click Yes.

08. Exit Regedt32.

09. Control Panel / Services / DHCP / Start.

10. Start the DHCP Manager and for each Scope, select Active Leases and click Reconcile.

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