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JSI Tip 1624. SBS 4.5 upgrade may fail?

If your upgrade from SBS 4.0 to SBS 4.5 fails, you may receive the following message:

Specified Module Could Not Be Found

Visual C++ RunTime Error

C:\Temp\Bos1dof.tmp\Setupbo.exe abnormal program termination
NOTE: Your path to the Setupbo.exe file may be different.

To work around this problem:

01. Using the SBS 4.5 CD-ROM 3, run:

      <Drive:>\sbsadmin\i386\sbssetup /reinstall

      to install the SBS 4.5 console.

02. Shutdown and restart your computer. The console should now work.

03. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Small Business\Version

      If the data value of version is not 4.5, change it to 4.5.

03. Copy the files from <CD-ROM 1:>\Bkoffice\I386 to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Backoffice.
      Overwrite files if prompted.

04. Rename the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Backoffice\Setupbo.exe file to Setup.exe.

05. If C:\Program Files\Microsoft Backoffice\Setupbo.ini exists, delete it.

06. Double-click C:\Program Files\Microsoft Backoffice\Setup.exe to run it.
      It should finish without any errors.

07. Copy C:\Program Files\Microsoft Backoffice\*.BMP to the folder.

08. If the install erroneously left AutoAdminLogon configured, set it to 0.

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