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JSI Tip 1554. SBS Client Setup does not continue after restart.

After the install on NTWS or W9x, you restart the computer, but the SBS Client Application installation program does not finish the applications install.

The user does get a logon script and can access the SBS server. Desktop shortcuts are created and function.

Any of the following can be the cause:

- The computer was a client to another SBS domain.

- The client setup installation was previously aborted.

- A log file was corrupted during setup.

To work around this issue:

1. Delete the startcli.log file (probably c:\startcli.log).

2. Shutdown and restart the computer.

After logon, if the SBS Client installation doesn't continue, type the following into the Run line:



<SBS_SERVER_NAME> is the Computer Name of the SBS server.

<ClientType> is:

      i386 for a Windows NT Workstation client.

      win95 for a Windows 9x client.

Click OK to run the setup from the SBS server.

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