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JSI Tip 1545. How do I change the Windows NT directory name?

If your Windows NT is installed in a folder whose name you wish to change, such as from C:\WinNT35 to C:\WinNT, you may use the following procedure:

01. Use Regedit to export all the hives in the registry.

02. Remove lines from the .REG files that are not needed to set the new folder name.

03. Install an alternate copy of Windows NT.

04. Boot to the alternate copy of Windows NT.

05. Rename the original Windows NT folder.

06. Edit Boot.ini. Delete the alternate install entires (unless you wish to keep them).

07. Reset the default= entry and change the old folder in both entries it appears in.

08. Edit the Setup.log file in the original \Repair folder and change each occurence of the old folder name to the new folder name.

09. If you use 16-bit applications, change any .INI file that uses the old folder name to the new folder name.

10. Use Off-line Registry Editing to change the old folder names in the registry to the new folder names. See the .REG file(s) from step 02.

11. Shutdown and start your original install.

NOTE: - Instead of step 10, you could change the folder name in the .REG file(s) and run these files after step 11. Your first boot will generate errors, but none should be fatal (step 10 is safer).

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