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JSI Tip 1534. How to create a browser election log.

In tip 0148, we first discussed browser elections.

Browser elections are difficult to track because the event logs don't detail who won or lost the election.

You can create a %SystemRoot%\Bowser.log file (yes, I spelled it correctly), by downloading the checked build of RDR.SYS and performing the following steps:

1. Remame the original %Systemroot%\System32\Drivers\rdr.sys to %Systemroot%\System32\Drivers\rdr.bak

2. Rename the new file (Rdr.chk) to %Systemroot%\System32\Drivers\rdr.sys

3. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


      Edit or Add Value name BowserDebugLogLevel, as a type REG_DWORD,
      and set the data using the Hex Radix to ffffffff.

      Edit or Add Value name BowserDebugTraceLevel, as a type REG_DWORD,
      and set the data using the Hex Radix to ffffffff.

Here is a sample %SystemRoot%\Bowser.log file:

Bowser::Find_Master: Master not found, forcing election. = Could not find the master browser, so force an election.

Bowser: Last election long enough ago, forcing election on \Device\NetBT_El90x1 = Wait a little while to decrease the chance of a browser storm.

Send true election. = The need to force an election that we think we can win is seen.

Send dummy election. = Force an election that we are not hoping to win, for example, shutting down the browser or because we cannot find a backup browser. The criteria of the election is 0x0.

New server: CENTAUR. Periodicity: 240 = A new server (CENTAUR) was found in our domain that we need to remember.

#New domain: EXDOM. Periodicity: 900 = A new domain (EXDOM) was found to add to our list of domains.

Domain pass for \Device\NetBT_El90x1 = We are going to search for new domains on the transport \Device\NetBT_El90x1.

Received election packet on net \Device\NetBT_El90x1 from machine CENTAUR. Version: 1; Criteria: 20010fa8; TimeUp: 8750 = A computer (named CENTAUR) forced an election, on the network transport \Device\NetBT_El90x1, it is running Browser version 1, its criteria is 20010fa8, and it has been up for 8750 seconds.

We lost the election = There was an election and we lost it.

Dummy election request ignored during election. = There is an election in process so we can discard the election packets with the criteria of 0x0.

Bowser:elect_rcv: Better criteria, calling elect_master in 100 milliseconds. = We received an election packet but we have better criteria, send our criteria and if we are not beat we will win in XXX milliseconds. We need to win an election 4 times for it to count.

Bowser: Browser is exempt from election = We recently lost an election, so we will not participate in this one. (Within 12 seconds.)

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