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JSI Tip 1527. How can I restore functionality to my SBS 4.5 Console?

You can restore lost/missing functionality to the SS 4.5 console by running SBSSETUP.EXE /REINSTALL from the SBS 4.5 CD3. This replaces most files in the %SystemDrive%\SmallBusiness folder and the Html sub-folder. The reinstallation performs the following tasks:

Verifys and overwrites all the above mentioned files.

Unregisters and re-registers all controls.

Renames the following files:
%SystemDrive%\SmallBusiness\Scw.ini to Scw.old.
%SystemDrive%\SmallBusiness\Template\Clioc.inf to Clioc.old.
%SystemDrive%\InetPub\Wwwroot\Intranet\Default.htm to Default.old.
%SystemDrive%\InetPub\Wwwroot\Default.htm to Default.old.

Backs up the registry. The SmallBusiness key is renamed to SmallBusinessOldx, where x is a sequential number between 1 and 20 (the maximum number of times you can do this).

Resets the access control lists on all the files and folders listed above to their default settings.

NOTE: You must shutdown and restart the SBS computer.

NOTE: The fax service will not be able to logon to the administrator's MAPI profile. See Q225101 - Reinstalling SBS 4.5 Console Deletes All MAPI Profiles on Server.

NOTE: See Q222531 - Troubleshooting SBS Console Problems.

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