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JSI Tip 1519. Stopping CHKDSK can cause new/extended volume set to be corrupt.

When you create or extend a volume set, Disk Administrator updates the
BootExecute value by appending autochk /x <drive_letter>.

If you prevent CHKDSK from running at the next boot, the volume set can become damaged, report an incorrect size, or refuse to ever use the newly allocated space.

Your only option may be to delete and recreate the volume set, followed by a restore.

If you ever find that the volume set reports an incorrect capacity, you may be able to
set BootExecute to autocheck autochk * autochk /x <drive_letter>.
Then, shutdown and restart Windows NT. Allow CHKDSK to run to completion. This will verify the volume set. If the process is successful, the size will be corrected.

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