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JSI Tip 1508. Quiktray.

Quiktray is a new tool that is included in Supplement 4 of the Windows NT 4.0 Server Resource kit.

Quick Tray is a tool that allows you to create your own menu of favorite programs, documents, URLs, or other resources, and presents that menu as a series of small icons in the system tray of your Windows NT desktop. This provides a simple, organized, and convenient way to start or switch between commonly used applications.

Note Quick Tray stores the information about your custom system tray menu in the Quiktray.dat file, located in the same directory as Quiktray.exe. This file is created the first time you run Quick Tray, and can be edited with a text editor. You can also use the Quick Tray data file to create standard Quick Tray menus for multiple computers.

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