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JSI Tip 1503. How do I add more than 2 IDE controllers?

This procedure should only be needed if you are adding the Third+ controller or you are adding a 2nd controller with a non-standard memory address.

Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


On the Edit menu, Add Key name PARAMETERS with a blank Class. Select the PARAMETERS key and Add Key name <Controller Number> where <Controller Number> is a 1 if you are adding the second controller at a non-standard memory address. Otherwise, <Controller Number> is a 2. The Class for <Controller Number> is also blank.

Select the <Controller Number> key and Add Value the following names, as type REG_DWORD values:

BaseAddress - The physical address of the Data register for the controller.

DriveControl - The physical address of the drive control register of the controller. Often this is 0x206 off of the BaseAddress register.

Interrupt - The interrupt that the controller will use.

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