JSI Tip 1469. Printmig backs up and restores Printer Server configuration.

Printmig.exe is included in Supplement 4 for the NT Server Resource Kit.

Print Migrator allows you to backup and restore a Print Server configuration. Data is written to a Pm.cab file, and a Pm.log file, in the default location (%Systemroot%\System32\Spool\Pm). The Pm.cab file contains:

Printers: all defined queues.

Print monitor ports. The following are recognized:

    - Hewlett-Packard Network Port
    - LexMark MarkVision Port Monitor (IP/DLC)
    - Jet Admin
    - LPR Port
    - Local Ports
    - Digital Network Port
    - AppleTalk Port Monitor
Print Drivers: x86, Alpha, Mips, PPC.

Share Point information: All Share point information, including file and printer shares.

To perform a backup, you can use Actions / Backups or the command line:

printmig \[\\target\] \[/d\]

The /d option dioes not actually perform a backup. It disables the spooler and provides information to user accounts that do not have sufficent rights to perform a backup.

To restore a Print Server:

1. Actions / Restore.

2. In the File name box, type the name of the backup (Pm.cab).

3. Type the NetBIOS you wish to restore to into the Target Server box, or leave it blank to choose this computer.

NOTE: Printer Migrator temporarily stops both the Windows NT Spooler service and the Print Service for Macintosh service (if installed) on the target computer to restore the print queue information. Before running the Restore command on a print server, make sure that:

The backup computer and the target computer are both running the same operating system and belong to the same CPU family (x86, Alpha, and so on).

Print monitor information is consistent between the backup and target computer.

If a monitor has not been installed on the target computer, Printer Migrator displays a warning to remind you to install the monitor or service and then run the restore command again.

You have administrative rights on the target computer.

Pm.log contains the restore progress report.

Using the GUI, you can view a remote computers information by using View / Target and typing the NetBIOS name of the Print Server. The target will remain in effect until you View / Restore Local or View / Target.

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