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JSI Tip 1437. The tracert command.

"This diagnostic utility determines the route taken to a destination by sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo packets with varying Time-To-Live (TTL) values to the destination. Each router along the path is required to decrement the TTL on a packet by at least 1 before forwarding it, so the TTL is effectively a hop count. When the TTL on a packet reaches 0, the router is supposed to send back an ICMP Time Exceeded message to the source system. Tracert determines the route by sending the first echo packet with a TTL of 1 and incrementing the TTL by 1 on each subsequent transmission until the target responds or the maximum TTL is reached. The route is determined by examining the ICMP Time Exceeded messages sent back by intermediate routers. Notice that some routers silently drop packets with expired time-to-live (TTLs) and will be invisible to tracert."

The command syntax is:

tracert \[-d\] \[-h maximum_hops\] \[-j computer-list\] \[-w timeout\] target_name


 -d   Specifies not to resolve addresses to computer names. 
 -h maximum_hops   Specifies maximum number of hops to search for target. 
 -j computer-list   Specifies loose source route along computer-list. 
 -w timeout   Waits the number of milliseconds specified by timeout for each reply. 
 target_name   Name of the target computer, domain, or IP Address. 



Tracing route to \[\]
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1   140 ms   141 ms   125 ms \[\]
  2   125 ms   125 ms   125 ms
  3   125 ms   141 ms   140 ms  108.ATM12-0-0.HR1.ATL1.ALTER.NET \[\]
  4   125 ms   141 ms   125 ms  101.ATM2-0.XR2.ATL1.ALTER.NET \[\]
  5   125 ms   125 ms   140 ms  194.ATM2-0.TR2.ATL1.ALTER.NET \[\]
  6   125 ms   156 ms   141 ms  109.ATM6-0.TR2.CHI4.ALTER.NET \[\]
  7   141 ms   140 ms   157 ms  198.ATM6-0.XR2.CHI6.ALTER.NET \[\]
  8   156 ms   203 ms   141 ms  190.ATM8-0-0.GW1.CLE1.ALTER.NET \[\]
  9   156 ms   172 ms   141 ms  nls-gw.customer.ALTER.NET \[\]
 10   203 ms   172 ms   156 ms \[\]

Trace complete.

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