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JSI Tip 1427. Troubleshooting NTVDM and WOW startup problems.

In tip 0151, tip 1238, and tip 1227, we described possible causes of 16-bit application troubles.

Additional troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve these problems are:

1. Run %SystemRoot%\System32\Sysedit.exe. If this application starts correctly, both NTVDM and WOW are functioning correctly.

2. If %SystemRoot%\System32\Sysedit.exe does not start correctly, at a CMD prompt, type If does not start correctly, see step 5. If starts, type If does not start correctly, see step 5.

3. If your DOS program requires EMS memory, see Q99279 and upgrade to SP5 (or greater).

4. If your program reuires additional conventional memory, see Q99363.

5. Verify your SystemRoot%\Win.ini and SystemRoot%\System.ini are correct or expand them from the CD-ROM.

6. If you make any changes, use Task Manager / Processes to kill NTVDM and start at step 1.

7. Check your environment variables by typing SET at a CMD prompt.

8. The last step is to run a repair, repairing files. Then re-apply your latest service pack.

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