JSI Tip 1406. Create a messaging alias.

The net name command can display, add, and delete messaging names for your computer.

To use net name, the Messenger service must be started.

The names you create are only for messaging and must be unique on the network.

When you start your computer, the Workstation service adds your %ComputerName%. When you logon, your %UserName% is added. You cannot delete the %ComputerName%, but you can delete the %UserName% and any alias(es).

Net Name without any parameters will display the messaging names.

Net Name <alias> (or Net Name <alias> /add) will add a messaging alias.

Net Name <alias> /delete will delete an alias.

NOTE: <alias> can be a maximum of 15 characters.

Example: net name admin adds admin as a valid message receipient to your computer.

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