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JSI Tip 1389. How can I statically map computers in Network Neighborhood?

If your Network Neighborhood does not consistently contain all the computers on your network, you can statically map them.

You must have basic network connectivity and must be able to locate the computer via Start / Find / Computer.

To statically map a computer in Network Neighborhood:

1. Open Network Neighborhood.

2. Start / Find / Computer and type the name of the computer you wish to statically map into the Named box.

3. Click Find Now.

4. When the computer is found, drag the computer icon into Network Neighborhood (the right hand pane).

5. You will be prompted to create a shortcut, click Yes.

NOTE: After you create the shortcut, you may rename it.

NOTE: You can copy the resultant .lnk files to other users at:

               Windows NT - %SystemRoot%\Profiles\%Username%\NetHood.

               Windows 9X - %SystemRoot%\Nethood (hidden by default).

               If the user is logged on, they must logoff/logon to make these maps permanent.

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