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JSI Tip 1361. How do I configure SBS for a dedicated Internet connection?

01. After a successful install with 1 NIC and a modem, shutdown and install a 2nd NIC (and drivers).

02. Control Panel / Network / Protocol Tab / TCP/IP / Properties.

03. On the IP Address tab, remove the default gateway ( from the internal NIC.

04. On the WINS tab, set both the primary and secondary WINS address for the internal NIC to (or the non-default address that you configured).

05. On the IP Address tab, set a valid IP Address for the external NIC.

06. Set the Default Gateway to the IP Address of your router.

07. Add any DNS server address that your ISP provided.

08. There should be no WINS server addresses for the external NIC and IP Forwarding should be off.

NOTE: See Q194562 - Change the Default IP Address in Small Business Server.

09. Use Internet Service Manager / WebProxy to verify that the external NIC does not appear the LAT.

10. Remove any phonebook and dialout credentials from Proxy AutoDial, and disable Proxy Dial on Demand.

11. In Exchange Administrator / Configuration / Connections / IMS, press enter to display the IMS Properties.

12. On the Dial-up Connections tab, clear any Available Connections.

13. On the Connections tab, clear the Dial Using check box.

NOTE: See Q164882 Practical Recommendations for Securing Internet-Connections.

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