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JSI Tip 1359. SBS User List is empty.

When you use the Manage Server Console or the Remote Manage Server Console utility (REMOTECSL), the User List is empty.

If you click Add a New User and then click Cancel, the User List is populated.

A possible cause is the installation of NTOP without applying BOUPDATE.EXE.

SBS Server: Run BOUPDATE.EXE (it is on the CD).


1. At a command proimpt, create a BOUPDATE folder and copy BOUPDATE.EXE to it.

2. Switch to the BOUPDATE folder and type BOUPDATE.EXE /c

3. When prompted for the location, type <Drive:>\BOUPDATE (or Browse).

4. Click OK to extract the files.

5. At the CMD prompt, copy saminfo1.ocs <Drive:>\smallbusiness

6. Type regsvr32 <Drive:>\smallbusiness\saminfo1.ocx

7. Click OK to dismiss the successfull registration dialog box.

8. Delete <Drive:>\BOUPDATE and its' contents.

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