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JSI Tip 1353. What permissions are required for IIS Web and FTP to work?

If you altered the permissions, causing IIS Web and FTP not to work, grant IUSR_<ComputerName>, and IWAM_<ComputerName> (if applicable), and related groups (if any):

   Directory                    Permissions
   Inetpub\Wwwroot              READ (RX)

   Winnt                        READ (RX)

   Winnt\System32               READ (RX)

   Winnt\System32\Inetsrv       READ (RX)

   Winnt\System32\Inetsrv\Asp   READ (RX)
   (and all subdirectories)

   Program Files\Common Files   READ (RX)
   (and all subdirectories)
   R = Read
   W = Write
   X = Execute
   D = Delete

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