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JSI Tip 1331. Site Server 3.0 install error - "Your System Must Meet the Requirements in the System...".

When you try to install Site Server 3.0, you receive:

   System Requirements

   Your system must meet the requirements in the System Requirements list below
   before Microsoft Site Server can be installed on this computer. The required
   components can be found on the Windows NT Option Pack CD or in the Support
   directory on the Site Server CD. The System Recommendations box indicates the
   current and recommended settings for your computer. If the System
   Requirements list is empty, click Next to continue Setup. If your system is
   missing any requirements, click Exit Setup, install or configure the
   necessary requirements, and then run Setup again.

   System requirements: Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher
even if IE 4.01 or later is installed and functioning.

To fix this problem, use Regedt32 to navigate to:


If the Setup key is missing, use Add Key on the Edit menu to create it (leave Class blank).

Select the Setup key and edit or Add Value name Path, a type REG_SZ entry, and set the string value to the full path to the folder that contains Iexplore.exe.

Example: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer

Exit Regedt32 and restart the Site Server setup.

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