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JSI Tip 1329. Managing Replication.

Replication of the account database (SAM) is controlled by registry entries for the Netlogon service. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


 Value Name   Type   
 D e s c r i p t i o n 
 Pulse   REG_DWORD   300 seconds
 The interval, in seconds, that the PDC uses to collect all SAM/LSA changes, before replicating. BDCs that are up to date are not sent Pulses. If the Pulse value is missing, the PDC will optimize this value based upon workload. See tip 1134. 
 PulseConcurrency   REG_DWORD   20
1 - 500
 The maximum number of simultaneous Pulses that a PDC sends. The entry is designed to limit PDC workload. 
 PulseMaximum   REG_DWORD   7200 seconds
60 - 172,800
 The maximum time between pulses. If this timer counts down to 0, the PDC will send at least 1 Pulse. 
 PulseTimeout1   REG_DWORD   5 seconds
1 - 120
 How long a PDC waits for a response from a BDC before it is considered unresponsive (not counted against PulseConcurrency). If you set this too low, an unresponsive BDC, that eventually responds will cause partial synchronization, increasing PDC workload. 
 PulseTimeout2   REG_DWORD   300 seconds
60 - 3600
 A BDC reports its' replication progress. If it fails to respond to a replication step within PulseTimeout2, it is considered unresponsive. If you set this too low, partial synchronization will increase the PDC workload. If you set it too high, very slow BDCs consume a PulseConcurrency. 
 Randomize   REG_DWORD   1 second
0 - 120
 This is a BDC entry. It is the time that the BDC waits before responding to a Pulse. This must be smaller than PulseTimeout1. The time it takes for a PDC to replicate to all BDCs will be greater than ((Randomize/2) * Number of BDCs) / PulseConcurrency. 
 ReplicationGovernor   REG_DWORD   100%
0 - 100
 See tip 0495. 
 Update   REG_SZ   no
yes or no
 A string value of yes causes full synchronization when Netlogon starts. 

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