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JSI Tip 1324. "Setup was unable to locate the hard drive partition prepared by the MS-DOS portion of Setup".

One common cause of the subject error is that you created new setup floppies but didn't use the WINNT /OX command.

Running WINNT without the /OX switch, cause WINNT.SIF to be placed onto diskette 2 of the 3 diskette setup disk set. The WINNT.SIF file contains:

MsDosInitiated = 1

which tells setup to look for the installation files on a temporary directory of the hard disk.

To fix the problem, do any of the following:

- Edit the WINNT.SIF file and change MsDosInitiated = 1 to MsDosInitiated = 0.

- Delete the WINNT.SIF file.

- Discard the diskettes and run WINNT /OX from the CD-ROM.

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