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JSI Tip 1290. What was fixed in SP5?

The official list of SP5 fixes is at

The following table is a partial listing of SP5 fixes. Some items did not have a Knowledge Base article at the time this table was assembled.

ID KB article # Title binaries affected
1 Q197253 LPD Job May Cause TCPSVCS to Hang Lpdsvc.dll
2 Q197517 Handle Leak Occurs When Using RasDial API rasapi32.dll
3 Q197632 Registry Hive Fragmentation Leads to Excessive Size ntoskrnl.exe; ntkrnlmp.exe
4 Q214624 STOP 0xA When Using SPX Nwlnkspx.sys
5 Q198406 RIP Version 2 Does Not Advertise Subnet Routes ipmon.dll, iprip2.dll
6 Q216703 Windows NT LDAP Connections Remain Open After LDAP Query wldap32.dll
7 Q197161 SYSDIFF /INF Uses Decimal Format for REG_DWORD Values Sysdiff.exe
8 Q214429 Stop 0xA in Netbt.sys When Querying the DNS for a NetBIOS Name netbt.sys
9 Q216188 Unattended Installation with /E Option to Install SP4 Fails Update.inf
10 Q198541 Using DHCPCMD to Modify a Reservation Converts It to a Lease Dhcpssvc.dll
11 Q197565 Windows NT 4.0 SP4 Setup Does Not Update Winprint.dll update.inf
12 Q215367 GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl() Returns Incorrect Access Mask Value advapi32.dll, ntmarta.dll
13 Q198407 STREAMS Does Not Handle User Data Correctly Streams.sys
14 Q200848 Stop 0xC000021a on Windows NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 4 advapi32.dll, winlogon.exe
15 Q216035 Invalid FPNW Parameters May Cause AV in Lsass.exe and Usrmgr.exe Fpnwclnt.dll
16 Q216376 Stop 0xA in Rdr.sys Rdr.sys
17 Q192696 Grace Logins Are Not Reset on FPNW fpnw.dll, fpnwclnt.dll
18 Q195582 FPNW Leaks Memory in BindLibGetInfo Fpnw.dll
19 Q194962 WINS Admin UI Overlaps Fields in Show Mappings Dialog Box Winsadmn.exe
20 Q196270 SNMP Agent Leaks Memory When Queried snmp.exe, advapi32.dll, perfctrs.dll
21   Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 Wins changes to the Static 1C record replication causes problems wins.exe
22   Accessing the properties of users that belong to 1000 or more global groups in User Manager generates an Access Violation. samlib.dll
23   Unable to load more than 48mb of fonts NToskernl.exe; win32k.sys
24   NTFS moves the data when noncached read access is failed first in mirroring synchronization marks the sector bad. ftdisk.sys
25 Q214563 NET USE /d Returns Error 2404 After Applying Service Pack 4 Rdr.sys
26   Oracle Fail Safe software for Windows NT Clustering broken after installing SP4 clusres.dll
27   IE5 unable to uninstall because regsrv32.exe is missing update.inf
28   Computer with SBLive! Value Sound card hangs computer at Logon screen after installing SP4 ntmarta.dll
29   Eventlog can cause an access violation if an event it is trying to copy is corrupted eventlog.dll
30 Q197493 Incorrect Confirmations for Faxes Sent by Small Business Server Faxsvc.exe
31 Q214680 Cluster Setup Does Not Recogize Disk with over 3 Logical Drives Setup.exe
32 Q215347 Cluster Disk with More Than 15 Logical Drives Fails to Go Online Clusres.dll
33   Manually stopping parallel device may cause bluescreen on shutdown parallel.sys
34   Bugcheck 1E in fastfat.sys while creating a directory on DMF formatted floppy fastfat.sys
35 Q219027 STOP 0x00000024 in NTFS.SYS with Service Pack 4 ntfs.sys
36   Resource list parsed incorrectly can cause a page fault ntoskrnl.exe, ntkrnlmp.exe
37   Windows NT Enterprise Server with SP4 and over 512mb RAM corrupts pool memory on bootup ntoskrnl.exe, ntkrnlmp.exe
38 Q197084 Cannot Access Shares on a FPNW Server using Client32 v2.5 - 3.02 fpnwsrv.sys
39 Q219308 DHCPADMIN tool should not allow creation of scopes in the multicast range dhcpssvc.dll
40 Q214802 Windows NT Lets You Paste Text into Unlock Workstation Dialog Box msgina.dll
41   Resource Monitor (rescmon.exe) causes an AV if LooksAlive/IsAlive polling values are set too high clussvc.exe, resrcmon.exe
42 Q194831 Cluster combo file share needs to handle dynamic updates to the directory clusres.dll
43 Q216237 Cluster Server Won't Start If Cluster Log Directory Not Created Clusprxy.exe, Clussvc.exe, Resrcmon.exe, Rpcltccl.dll, Rpcltscl.dll
44 Q196662 SP4 causes explorer windows of desktop folders to not retain settings explorer.exe
45 Q173385 System Policy Editor will not allow greater than 255 character Logon Banner Text. poledit.exe
46   Hyperterminal Microsoft BBS profile changed to 425 area code from 206
47   Tapi API "lineGatherDigits" leaks 8 bytes every time it is called. tapi32.dll,remotesp.tsp, tapisrv.exe
48   DHCP conflict detection marks addresses BAD after response from ICMP packet for unreachable network dhcpssvc.dll
49   WINS Owner Table gets corrupted if there are over 0xFF owners in the table wins.exe
50   comcat.dll updated to at least version 4.71 to work with Visual Basic 6.0 comcat.dll
51   Multihomed nt4 machine cannot "net use \\x.x.x.x\ipc$" to nt351 machine netbt.sys
52 Q195725 Intermediate Network Driver Causes STOP 0x0000001E on MP PC tcpip.sys
53   Ping -T stop timing out after 49.7 days tcpip.sys
54 Q219319 If running a print job to a null port and running a screen saver, a STOP 0xc000021a can occur in winlogon.exe win32k.sys
55   Under heavy IIS stress sockets deadlock afd.sys
56 Q198573 16-bit Windows-based Programs Support up to 26 DDE Connections wow32.dll
57 Q197846 Printing Multiple Copies of the Same Job Via LPD Broken in SP4 lpdsvc.dll
58   After upgrading from SP2 to SP4 and installing Internet Explorer 5 and attempting to uninstall SP4 a potentially confusing dialog box is brought up. The dialog that is prompted reads IE4 requires SP3 or greater. spuninst.exe
59   Unattended RRAS installation during Windows NT 4.0 unattended installation requires 4 updated files rascfg.dll, mpr.exe, dosnet.inf
60   Problem in kmddsp.tsp in RRAS causes disconnects after a while kmddsp.tsp
61   IPX router does not increase Transport Control field value by 1 when propagating IPX packets nwlnkfwd.sys
62 Q217136 DNS Converts Host Names to Lowercase dns.exe
63 Q216905 Downlevel Clients Can Cause Excessive Spooler CPU Usage Xactsrv.dll
64   winsock returns error 10022 when trying to accept() connections afd.sys
65   NT4SP4 Eventlog can crash or hang services.exe evenlog.dll
66 Q214544 NSLOOKUP Does Not Devolve MX Record Queries nslookup.exe
67 Q216329 Cluster Server Log Filling w/ Erroneous Security Descriptor Info Cluadmex.dll, Cluadmin.exe, Clusapi.dll, Clusprxy.exe, Clusres.dll, Clussvc.exe, Resutils.dll, Rpcltscl.dll, Setup.exe
68 Q214864 Exchange Protocols Fail After Applying Windows NT 4.0 SP4 Rnr20.dll
69   DMA information moved down from 2.0g to 1.5g range for alpha based computer halgammp.dll, halsabmp.dll
70 Q196051 Excessive Network Retransmissions While Running CSNW nwrdr.sys
71 Q193121 Cannot Connect to DFS Leaf a Second Time If Server Is NetWare mup.sys
72   Iomega Clik drive being detected as a floppy drive clikfixa.exe, clikfixi.exe
73   Slow file copy performance when copying to NTFS removable media ntfs.sys
74 Q219327 Windows NT Err Msg: Corrupt and Unreadable File Ntfs.sys
75 Q195541 Large Number of Mounts/Dismounts on NTFS Causes Memory Leak ntfs.sys
76 Q216913 BIOS Date Value Does Not Immediately Update on January 1, 2000 ntoskrnl.exe, ntkrnlmp.exe
77   NTLDR in NT4 fails to boot with partitions that start more than 4GB into disk when boot.ini uses multi() syntax ntldr, setupldr.bin
78 Q189832 Dial-Up Networking Generates Dr Watson When Called Via Shortcut rasdlg.dll
79 q195508 Devices Tool Hangs When Clicking HW Profile for I20 Bus Driver umpnpmgr.dll
80 Q217052 Modem Configuration File Is Not Copied During Modem Installation Setupapi.dll
81 Q195640 Split Horizon with Poison Reverse Causes Incorrect RIP Updates mprapi.dll, iprip2.ste
82 Q214609 Routemon.exe Does Not Properly Set the Metric Option ipmon.dll
83 Q195469 STOP 0xEFFFFFFF Exception in OLE Servers with Multiple Clients Ole32.dll, Olethk32.dll
84   Memory leak in RPC when repeatedly using the API RpcNsBindingLookup* rpcrt4.dll
85 Q195733 Denial of Service in Applications Using RPC over Named Pipes rpclts1.dll
86 Q171307 How to Disable SAP Broadcast for RPC Service Rpcss.exe
87   Fix in startup of schannel.dll as it reserved too much memory to use for it's cache schannel.dll
88   Backward compatablity fix for driver signing softpub.dll
89 Q217002 MSCS: Problems with Spooler Resource Clusres.dll
90 Q195931 Security Descriptor Size Increases Each Time Permissions Set sfmsrv.sys
91 Q196217 XADM: IS Shuts Down with JET Reporting Out of Disk Space sfmsrv.sys
92 Q195822 Server Responds to PAP Client on Different AppleTalk Node Sfmatalk.sys
93 Q195144 Copying Files with Mix of LFN and SFN May Lead to Data Loss Shell32.dll
94 Q190812 Briefcase Item Needs to Be Synchronized Twice synceng.dll
95 Q192297 Applications May Fail with Access Violation During File Open shell32.dll
96 Q196209 WINS Replication Does Not Start at the Scheduled Time Every Day Wins.exe
97 Q195611 DNS Client Does Not Try All Servers in DNS Service List rnr20.dll
98 Q196432 DNS SOA Default Values Are Not Configurable Dns.exe
99   Application error occurs after installing Exchange SNMP support files advapi32.dll, winlogon.exe
100   Stop 0x00000050 in IpxSendFrame802_5802_2 results when when source route length exeeds 18 bytes nwlnkipx.sys
101 Q216678 Dfs Drive Connections Not Displayed in Windows NT Explorer Hal.dll, Mup.sys, Ntkrnlmp.exe, Ntoskrnl.exe, Rpcrt4.dll
102 Q194918 XCOPY /D Uses Universal Time, Not Local Time, to Filter Files Ulib.dll, Xcopy.exe
103 Q196847 Stop 0x21E Installing Service Pack 4 with LapLink Installed autochk.exe
104 Q196875 Error When EMS Memory Is Configured for MS-DOS App in .pif File ntvdm.exe
105   The drivers for Number9 Revolution 3D, 4Meg and 8Meg AGP fail to load under SP4 videoprt.sys
106 Q193763 GetFileAttributes API May Return Invalid Return Code rdr.sys
107 Q196330 STOP 0x0000001E May Occur in Win32k.sys Under Stress Win32k.sys
108   Error creating folders when installing Corel WordPerfect 6.2 for DOS onto NTFS v5 partition ntvdm.exe
109 Q195123 AV in DNS Server When Enumerating a Zone w/ WK Resource Records dns.exe
110 Q214460 DSMN - Access Violation in SWSVC.EXE While Comparing Two Strings Sw.dll
111 Q198478 Infinite Loop When Connecting Through RPC to HP-UX 9.x rpcrt4.dll
112 Q192266 Sockets-based Child Processes Are Not Stopped tcpip.sys
113 Q215376 ControlService Fails with 1053 (ERROR_SERVICE_REQUEST_TIMEOUT) Services.exe
114   Windows NT client unable to get a list of files using DIR command against a Lanman 2.1 Server if many files have names longer than 128 characters rdr.sys
115 Q195932 DHCP Server of Service Pack 4 Ignores Reservations Dhcpssvc.dll
116   16-bit apps print monochrome instead of color for 24bpp printers wow32.dll
117   Memory corruption possible when Explorer is replaced as the shell explorer.exe
118   Error when installing Proxy Server 2.0 with 15 character computer name "Setup cannot load the protocols to the Registry error no 1722" stpsrvex.dll
119 Q216878 Macintosh Clients Cannot See WinNT Server After Upgrade to SP4 Ndis.sys
120   Windows NT clients cannot connect to a cluster server using H or M node and make use of the load balancing functionality of the cluster netbt.sys
121   RPC communication fails between UNIX servers and Windows NT servers with SP4 applied rpcrt4.dll
122   CSNW may cause unneeded connections to multiple servers when logging in to NDS tree nwwks.dll, nwprovau.dll
123 Q217336 TCP/IP Source Routing Feature Cannot Be Disabled Tcpip.sys
124 Q199101 Rasman.exe Causes Access Violation with Connection Manager rasauto.dll
125 Q216091 GetHostByName() Returns IP Address of Disabled Interface Rnr20.dll
126 Q216071 SYSPREP: Incorrect Shutdown Leaves Message in Event Log sysprep.exe
127 Q214606 Dr. Watson Does Not Return Proper Exit Code for an Application Drwatsn32.exe
128 Q216303 Incorrect NDIS Filtering of Some Ethernet Multicast Frames ndis.sys
129 Q221308 Number of Rings=0 Does Not Work for RRAS Auto-Answer in WinNT4.0 Rastapi.dll
130 Q216538 STOP 0x0000000A in NTOSKRNL at 801453ea Ntkrnlmp.exe, Ntoskrnl.exe
131 Q199909 DNS May Not Respond to Queries After Applying SP4 Dns.exe
132   Encrypted folders on an NTFS5 volume can be compressed using NT4 SP4 which leaves the folder in an unuseable state ntfs.sys
133   IRDP support added on WindowsNT Server and Workstation tcpip.sys
134   NetBT problems connecting to dns names that are exactly 16 characters netbt.sys
135 Q214840 MSV1_0 Allows Network Connections for Specific Accounts Msv1_0.dll
136 Q216383 Memory Allocations May Fail When There Are Large Free Blocks Ntdll.dll
137 Q197565 Windows NT 4.0 SP4 Setup Does Not Update Winprint.dll Update.inf
138   No domain name sent from Windows NT 4.0 SP4 RRAS when forwarding requests via RADIUS  
139   Restarting spooler service deletes restarted print job localspl.dll
140   DCOM will get a trap 14 when running on fat and structured storage file is about 700meg in size ole32.dll
141   DebugInfo for CriticalSections is fragmenting virtual address space ntdll.dll
142   Secondary WINS query delayed by 1500ms even when primary WINS returns 'name does not exist'  
143   ALPHA optimized afd.sys in Windows NT 4.0 SP4 exposed a hardware problem on the EV6/EV67 alpha platforms afd.sys
144 Q216867 Corrupted User Profiles Can Cause New Local Default to be Lost Userenv.dll
145 Q215349 Associated Routes for Deleted IP Address May Not Get Deleted tcpip.sys
146   Error running Y2ksetup: y2ksetup.ini file is either corrupt or missing, setup cannot continue. y2ksetup.ini
147   Invalid handle exception 6 under print load with SNA Server rpclts1.dll
148   Problems printing characters when spread over multiple pages for Excel 97 using the HP 1600C win32k.sys
149   With Small Business Server DHCP turns off if 2nd NIC detects ISPs DHCP server dhcpssvc.dll
150 Q208173 BUG: Duplicate LUN 0 When LargeLuns Registry Key Enabled scsiport.sys
151 Q216780 DLC Protocol Stops Transmitting Packets ndis.sys
152   SP4 wont install with less than 118MB free on Hard Drive update.inf
153   NTFS doesn't support \005 stream name character ntfs.sys
154   Latest Processor Updates need to be added to X86 Update driver update.sys
155   CONNECT sent to MS Proxy 2.0 server is rejected rpcltccm.dll
156 Q203745 DHCP Reconcile Does Not Recover Reservations Outside Scopes dhcpssvc.dll
157   Deletion of address object can cause bugcheck if access check for this object is in progress tcpip.sys
158   Avoiding gratuitous arps n a router with several thousand IP addresses tcpip.sys
159 Q217207 Type of Service Octet in IP Header Not Initialized on Alpha Platform Tcpip.sys
160   SystemSoft HotSwap test crashes system with cardbus network cards ndis.sys
161 Q219376 NDIS Does Not Indicate NDIS_RESET_END Status ndis.sys
162   Usermode app can crash NT, kernel code is not validating parameters ntoskrnl.exe, ntlrnlmp.exe
163 Q208173 BUG: Duplicate LUN 0 When LargeLuns Registry Key Enabled scsiport.sys
164   SP4 RAS Server on SMP Machine hangs up when RAS Client tries to connect as NT3.1 Dial-up Server ndiswan.sys
165 Q219381 Name resolution for names in lmhosts file failing w/system error message 1214 netbt.sys, nbtstat.exe
166   STOP 0x00000023 in Fastfat.sys on RAS system fastfat.sys
167   AV in nhloader.exe after upgrading Windows NT Server 4.0 to 4.0 Server Enterprise Edition ntdll.dll
168   Windows NT 4.0 SP4 RAS server blue screens associated with nwlnknb.sys nwlnknb.sys
169 Q219392 Hiding the System drive in Explorer doesn't work shell32.dll
170 Q218978 Network Monitor Fails to Connect to Remote Alpha-based Agent bhnetb.dll
171   Memory manager appears to deadlock when multiple memory maps are concurrently issued ntoskrnl.exe, ntkrnlmp.exe
172   WSASocket may return an error code instead of SOCKET_ERROR ws2_32.dll
173   SQL Server used with XA compliant resource managers produces large DTCXATM.LOG file dtccm.dll, dtcxatm.dll, logmgr.dll, msdtcprx.dll, msdtctm.dll, mtxoci.dll
174   Check for Y2K compliancy tells you that you must install IE4SP1 though it's already installed update.inf

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