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JSI Tip 1270. How do I dual boot between W98/FAT32 and WinNT/NTFS?

NOTE: - Without the help of third party software, Windows NT won't see the FAT32 partition.
NOTE: - Win98 won't see the NTFS partition.

01. Install W98 into the first partition of drive C: (the active partition).

02. Convert to FAT32.

03. Boot the 3 NT setup floppies and let setup create a new partition for the Windows NT install. You will receive:

      Windows NT needs to temporarily disable the other OS before the installation can continue.

04. Click OK, which will set the new Windows NT partition as active.

05. Complete the install of Windows NT.

06. Boot Windows NT and convert to NTFS.

07. Use Disk Administrator (WinDisk) and select the Win98 partition. On the Partition menu, Mark Active.

08. Boot to Win98 and run the following DEBUG.EXE script:

     L 100 2 0 1
     n bootsect.f32
09. This will create a bootsect.f32 file in your current folder. Copy it to a floppy.

10. Use FDISK to mark the NTFS partition active.

11. Boot to Windows NT and copy bootsect.f32 to C:

12. At a CMD prompt, type:

      attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini

13. Edit (or use NOTEPAD) c:\boot.ini and add the following to the end of the file:

c:\bootsect.f32="Windows 98"

14. At a CMD prompt, type:

      attrib +r +s +h c:\boot.ini

15. Shutdown and restart Windows NT. You will find a Windows 98 selection on the boot menu.

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